Chick-fil-A App Reviews

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App won't let me log in. I loaded my calendar card on it earlier in the year but have not been able to log in for months now. Luckily, I held on to the physical calendar card and can still redeem my items but no mobile ordering! Please explain why I can't log into my CFA1 account. I know I'm using the correct password so that is not the issue.

Last 2 store visits the app didn't work when scanned at register. Already spent $60 and no credit for treats.

Not sure why but today I was trying to open the app but it crashed immediately. I tried to delete it and reinstall and restart my phone. Nothing worked.

Have gone to chick fila at least 5x and I can't open my app missing out on treats and getting credit for my purchase. Pls fix and tell me how to get credit

App will not open. Cannot use treats or money on my card. Very disappointing. Please fix immediately.

Since the latest update on February 3, 2017 I have not been able to use my app. Any time I open it, it immediately crashes. I e restarted my phone, deleted and added the app again. Is this a problem others are having?

App doesn't work somce update cant use the money that i put on the app very disappointed don't ise this app if you don't want your money taken

You can no longer edit your order so oh have to delete four whole order and start over because it keeps defaulting to choosing the choosing the store to pick it up at so I'm sitting in a long front thru instead of my birnal curbside pick up. I almost said forget it and went elsewhere.

App not working at all. It's been a long time now. Not going to eat there if the app won't work.

Great app

I downloaded this app, and then went and had gay sex.

Great app, great food

Easy to use app lets me find the nearest Chick-Fil-A when Im travelling.

My purchases do not get recorded

I made three purchases since the App says "one more bite", but it still says one more bite. I made sure to have my App scanned. The receipts showed my name, so Im pretty sure that my card number is scanned. Please fix the problems. Thank you!


Quick and friendly service. Order was correct - down to the number of sauce packets we requested. No complaints from me. Excellent food!

Not normal

It was about a 5 min wait on my mobile app order which is usually promptly ready. Was not addressed quickly when I arrived or receive the smiles that is typical for Chick Filet. They were getting slammed pretty well on this New Years eve so that should be taken in consideration.

Love this app!

This app saved my sanity from the horrible lines I experience every time I walk in to get food! I love it! Thank you! ❤️

Slooooooow using app

Stood in line and truth be told I could have walked in and been waited on faster. Two women were at the counter and when they moved I saw my name on a bag. I do not know how long it was there as no one called out my name to let me know it was there. I thought the app was to speed things along not make it slower. Next time let people know there orders are ready instead of just abandoning it for anyone to pick up.

Missing Items

Placed an order with this app and all my sauces were missing! Nothing like getting home and the order is wrong

Great service

Ordered on the way to the restaurant & only waited a few minutes to get our meals! The manager was awesome!! Thank you!

Crap service

I used the app for the first time, and it sent my order to another Chick fil a. When I went to get it, they said didnt have enough strips. Oh well. Were closed. No solution. No sorry. And a hassle to get a refund. Never again

Time saver!

Used the app to order ahead due to our closest location ALWAYS being packed and drive thru slammed. It seemingly errored out when I submitted my payment so I headed out and figured I would have to wait like everyone else. When I pulled into the lot to see it more packed than normal I pulled the app up again, pressed the "Im here" button, and parked. Within a couple of minutes my order was delivered- hot and everything as ordered. The cars in the drive thru hadnt even moved. I was shocked and pleased! Not sure what the original error was but it didnt seem to affect my order at all.

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