Chick-fil-A App Reviews

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App won't let me log in. I loaded my calendar card on it earlier in the year but have not been able to log in for months now. Luckily, I held on to the physical calendar card and can still redeem my items but no mobile ordering! Please explain why I can't log into my CFA1 account. I know I'm using the correct password so that is not the issue.

Last 2 store visits the app didn't work when scanned at register. Already spent $60 and no credit for treats.

Not sure why but today I was trying to open the app but it crashed immediately. I tried to delete it and reinstall and restart my phone. Nothing worked.

Have gone to chick fila at least 5x and I can't open my app missing out on treats and getting credit for my purchase. Pls fix and tell me how to get credit

App will not open. Cannot use treats or money on my card. Very disappointing. Please fix immediately.

Since the latest update on February 3, 2017 I have not been able to use my app. Any time I open it, it immediately crashes. I e restarted my phone, deleted and added the app again. Is this a problem others are having?

App doesn't work somce update cant use the money that i put on the app very disappointed don't ise this app if you don't want your money taken

You can no longer edit your order so oh have to delete four whole order and start over because it keeps defaulting to choosing the choosing the store to pick it up at so I'm sitting in a long front thru instead of my birnal curbside pick up. I almost said forget it and went elsewhere.

App not working at all. It's been a long time now. Not going to eat there if the app won't work.

Pickup Order

I enjoyed ordering from home, then it being ready when I got there, but the kids "surprise" (ice dream cup) was missing and although it looked as if I had ordered two of the kids 2 piece chicken strips meal, there was only one. I will definitely order this way again!

Great app

Been using the app to get points first time I ordered using the app and used my points and my whole order was free super easy and fast to use :)

First time problem

I love this Chick Fil A and I have never had an issue except for this time. I added 3 Polynesian sauces with my order and did not get any of them and I didnt receive a fork for my salad. Im glad I noticed before we left. Other than that this is an awesome place to eat!


Chick-fil-As orders come out fast when you order regularly anyway, but now with this app you can order while you are driving in the car and pick it up when you walk in the door! It is easy to use and even has a comment section on your order for "special instructions" so they can get it just right! 5/5 star app.

Carry Out Service Exceptional!

Carry out service was exceptional! All the napkins, sauces, straw and fork were included in bag. Last time I placed order here I was directed to retrieve my own condiments and fend my way through the crowd of customers to do so! This is the way Carry out should be all included for pick up! Great job!

Curbside delivery is slower than the drive through, but still worth it

As I said in the subject, curbside pickup at my location is always slower than just going through the drive thru. But, its more convenient as I can pass my phone around and let everyone in my family place their order before I leave the house. I just wish I didnt have to watch 30 cars go through the line before getting my food!


I decided to try the app since the drive thru usually has long lines. When I got to the restaurant it took way too long to get my food. Then I left without being given my drinks. It would have been much easier just to order through the drive thru!

Love it

Fast friendly and so good. I love this food and service its always great the place it always clean and I love eating there.

Conference chaos!

In the midst of Passion 2017 this app bypassed 100s of people waiting in line. This app is a life saver! #Helloyellow ;)

Easy to use

I love this app. Everything about it is easy to use. Ordering and showing up to pick up your food is the way to go.

Order and Food

The nuggets were awesome as usual. However, as usual the location at Northwest Crossing forgot to add my honey mustard sauce with my curbside order. They just cant seem to get it right. I also ordered a small chicken tortilla soup. It was really a bean soup with three small pieces of chicken. Not very good today.

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