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Wonderful Restaurant, Terrible App

This app...does not work. Ironically, I only tried this because of a promotion they ran through their text "club." I downloaded the app but was unable to enter payment info. The app looks fantastic and has a great user interface. If only the most important function, that of placing an order and paying for it, worked. The message was "We cannot place your order for this store. Sometimes this is because of Internet connection or a typo in your payment info." No, neither of those was the case, because I had just downloaded the app from the exact same location and Internet service, and double-checked the payment info. I hope they fix this, because right now it is nonfunctional.

Love this app!

Incredibly convenient. Super fast and easy to use. I did have a small issue setting up, but an employee at my local store was extremely helpful and got it working for me in no time. Now I never have to wait in line again

Apple Pay - Michigan Stores

Im so stoked that Chick-Fil-A app now supports Apple Pay. It will be even better when stores start opening across Michigan! I cant wait!


Now for Apple Pay its wonderful!!!!!

Where are the customer rewards?

I downloaded this app because it was marketed as a way to get frequent customer rewards. I gave up after a few months of hassle loading money into the account with absolutely zero benefit.


Recent orders action crashes the app.

Almost there

Why am I uploading money to the app? Why cant I just pay for the food when I order it. Since you have implemented Apple Pay, just let me pay for my food.

Why no ApplePay checkout?

Adding ApplePay is a nice step forward but why only for adding funds instead of simply using at checkout? Why should I need to give you money now for future orders? Still have to save a card to use for payment at the time of order. Also, everyone in my office lost their favorites in this last update and have no way to create new ones. So it seems to be 1 step forward and 2 back.

Generally good, but not getting better...

Ive had pretty good success with the mobile ordering, but more recently Ive been experiencing issues. They may be associated with a particular branch, but none the less the issues seem lie with the integration between app and branch. Using curbside pickup Ive waited for over 15 minutes on more than a few occasions and they tell me "sorry, were having issues with our screens." If that is true, then the mobile app convenience is failing. Id save time by just going inside and getting in line...

Apple Pay... Kind Of

Supports ApplePay for pre-funding a balance with CFA but not for mobile ordering directly. Pathetic.

Terrible app

Always have issues adding money to the app. I constantly get error messages when trying.

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